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We’ll Share The Best Snippet of Your Video With Our Audience on Instagram & Facebook and give them the chance to rate it. Either BREAD or HEAD.

If your post gets Bread ratings, not only will we continue to promote your post for up to one full week, You will also win a bunch of dope prizes, recognition and even the chance to be featured (paid) on the Bread Overhead album.

Here’s the Rules

10+ Bread votes, will get you reposted on our story again for FREE the following day (2 total) and help you gain more influence and build fans.

25+ Bread votes will get your video reposted FREE on our story 2 additional days (3 total).

50+ Bread votes will get your video permanently featured on the BREAD OVERHEAD instagram main page and as a story highlight, where you will be recognized as a Bread Overhead featured artist.

100+ Bread votes will get you all of the above, plus your video featured here on Breadoverhead.com, the chance at a PAID feature on a Bread Overhead song and $100 worth of BREAD OVERHEAD merch for FREE!

Here’s how it works,

1) First, purchase your Story Post Promotion

2) Then, DM @breadoverhead4 on IG with the video you want to share, and your order number.

3) Wait 24-48hrs to see your post in our story. We’ll mention you in the story, so you receive a notification.

4) Share the story with as many of your fans as you can. Encourage them to vote for your post to boost your chances of winning.

5) if you’re post earns 10+ Bread votes,

Take advantage of this CHEAP promotion while it’s still available to gain quality and engaged fans!


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